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Looking for a New York CityPASS promo code? The CityPASS for New York itself already offers significant discounts compared to individual attraction tickets. A code for extra discount on the pass is not available. But there are other options for getting a discount on the New York CityPASS. Below you can read all about ways to pay a lower price for this attraction pass for New York.

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Promotion code New York CityPASS

You can purchase the New York CityPASS from the pass’s direct website. Here you always pay the full amount, in the currency of your choice. Discounts are never offered on the CityPASS, it is always available for the same price. There is not even the option to enter a discount code on this site in the checkout process. These codes therefore cannot be found online! Would you still like to pay less for the card and do you want to pay in euros? Then you can buy it on this site. You pay a somewhat lower amount here because of the favorable euro-dollar exchange rate that is used.

New York CityPASS prices

The price of the New York CityPASS on the above site is $146. This price is for adults. There is a cheaper pass for children up to the age of 18 years old. There is an annual price increase, which is announced in advance on the CityPASS’s own site. If possible, it’s smart to purchase the pass before this increase takes place.

Discount for children

The New York CityPASS has a separate, cheaper pass for children aged 6 to 17 years old. There is no need to buy a pass for children under 6 years old as they do not have to pay admission to most attractions included in the pass.

Student discount

The CityPASS for New York does not offer a student discount.

Military and veteran discount

Some military bases offer a discount on the CityPASS when you purchase it through the base. Inquire directly at the base for the possibilities.