Step-by-step Guide

It’s possible to view the step-by-step guide for purchasing the CityPASS on this site. Below you can read about what to expect when purchasing the pass online.

The questions which are answered in this step-by-step-guide are

Where to Buy the CityPASS

It can be difficult to decide where to buy a discount pass. However, it’s easy with CityPASS; it’s best to buy it directly online. CityPASS doesn’t post discounts or coupons on third-party coupon sites. Overall, CityPASS discounts are not available anywhere else. At first glance, this might be disappointing. However, it means you won’t have to worry that you haven’t got the “best deal”. It also ensures you have access to the most up to date information directly from the CityPASS website.

On the homepage, you’ll notice the claim about saving money with the pass, along with a picture of the New York skyline. At the top of the home page, you can also access the menu, language, FAQ and your shopping cart. You can find out more about the CityPASS here.

How to Buy the CityPASS

The instructions in this guide will show you how to purchase the CityPASS online. On the right of this walkthrough, you can see the screenshots of the booking process.

1. If you would like to purchase the pass immediately, you can select the number of passes and click ‘add to cart’ on the right side of the home page. You can also select the preferred currency below the add to cart option. (Note: if you would like to pay in euros, we recommend using this site as it has a better exchange rate)
2. You will then proceed to ‘Customer Information’. You can also select the option to receive news and updates from CityPASS. Once the required information is complete click continue.
3. On the ‘Who’s Visiting?’ page, you have to fill in the first and last name of each pass holder. This is required for both adult and child passes (if applicable).
4. The next page is the payment and billing step. You will have to enter your payment details. It’s possible to pay via credit card (Visa, MasterCard and Amex). Fill in the required information and click continue.
5. Once you click continue, this will take you to the ‘review’ page. Here you can view all the details you have entered, and your order summary.

Can I Use a Promo Code?

CityPASS doesn’t have discount promotions, or discount codes available. Also, the company doesn’t post discounts or coupons on third-party coupon sites. Therefore, it’s not possible to use a promotional code on the CityPASS website.

Using the CityPASS in New York

It’s easy to use the CityPASS when visiting attractions in New York. Simply scan the QR code from your phone.

Most New York attractions offer expedited entry for CityPASS holders. However, keep in mind you still have to queue for security at attractions like the Empire State Building and when boarding the Statue Cruises ferry.

Making a Reservation with CityPASS

It’s not necessary, nor is it possible, to make advanced online reservations at New York CityPASS attractions with the exception of Top of the Rock. However, if you prefer picking up a ticket in advance, this is possible at three of the included attractions.

At Top of the Rock, you can reserve a time in advance (as long as your visit time falls within the 9-day CityPASS validity period). It’s possible to make a reservation directly through the Top of the Rock website.

If you would like to take the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island, you can redeem your boarding pass up to three days in advance. Once you have your boarding pass, you can return and go directly to security at your desired cruise time. CityPASS advises at least 45 minutes for security and boarding.

Similarly, if you wish to take a Circle Line Cruise, you can visit in advance and secure boarding passes for the desired cruise. The cruise has to fall within the mentioned 9 day validity period.

It’s good to know securing your ticket for a time slot or a boarding pass for a specific cruise will activate your pass if it hasn’t been activated already. However, reserving a time slot for Top of the Rock online won’t activate the pass.

Top of the Rock Example Reservation

1. From the CityPASS site, select the Top of the Rock from the menu. Click the Top of the Rock link under ‘advice for visitors’.
2. This will take you directly to the Top of the Rock website. Fill in your CityPASS number (without spaces) and click ‘redeem’.
3. Afterwards, select the preferred date and time you would like to visit Top of the Rock then continue to the next step.
4. Fill in the required contact information and credit card information to hold the reservation.