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You can find a New York Pass promo code on this page. Are you planning to purchase a New York Pass for your trip to New York? Avoid paying the full price by making sure you use a promotional code. When purchasing your pass(es) you can enter a redemption code, which gives a discount on the New York Pass!

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Promotion Code New York Pass

If you buy the New York Pass through this site, you’ll most likely already be able to take advantage of a discount. The New York Pass regularly offers discounts on standard prices, such as Spring Sale or Black Friday Sale. However, when there is no discount promotion; it’s worthwhile to use a discount code. We work with a partner site that offers a discount code for the New York Pass. This discount code is always valid and it gives a 27% discount on the passes of 3, 5, 7 and 10 days.

How to Use a Promo Code

You can use the promotional code by entering it in your shopping cart. Underneath the total price, click on “Have a redemption code?”. Then a field will appear where you can enter your coupon code, where you can click on “redeem”. The code is applied to the pass(es) that are in your basket. Please note that the code overwrites any other discount. Sometimes you get less discount with the code than with a sale that’s already offered on the site. In this case, it’s of course not worthwhile to use a coupon code.

You can see screenshots of the ordering process below, it shows the step where your discount code can be entered.

New York Pass Prices

Below is an overview of the current prices of the New York Pass:

Day pass2 days3 days4 days5 days7 days10 days
Kids up to 2freefreefreefreefreefreefree
Kids up to 12$108$161$189$206$238$260$269

New York Pass Discount

All attraction passes for New York already give you a discount compared to purchasing individual tickets. Therefore, each pass is already advantageous. Keep in mind that there’s a price increase at least once a year. This is usually in February and is always announced on the New York Pass site. If you have the chance, make sure you buy before the prices go up.

New York Pass Through Other Sites

Sometimes the New York Pass is offered with discounts on other sites, such as Groupon or Costco. In general, however, you’ll have to go through additional steps to activate the pass if you purchased it from these sites. In addition, they aren’t usually the best deals and the terms of use are often slightly different. Therefore, we recommend you always purchase your pass(es) on the New York Pass website, using the above discount code.

Discount for Children

The New York Pass has special rates for children ages 3 to 12 years old. For children of this age, the pass is cheaper than for adults. This can also be seen in the price overview above.
Children up to (and including) 2 years old do not need to buy a pass at all because they have free access everywhere.

Discount for Students

There is no student discount for the New York Pass.

Discount for Soldiers and Veterans

The New York Pass does not offer an additional discount for military personnel and/or veterans.