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View the step-by-step guide for purchasing the New York Pass. Below you can find what to expect when purchasing the pass online, along with getting the most discount with a promotional code.

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Where to Buy the New York Pass

If you’re wondering where the best place to buy the New York Pass is, it’s better to purchase it online. The official site will have the best deals on offer all-year-round so it’s the best option. The main reason for the online purchase is the accuracy of the information; it will always be up to date. Third-party websites are not given access to new deals, or any changes with what’s included in the pass. Detailed instructions are also available on the official site for using the pass at included attractions.

On the homepage, several things might get your attention: the current promotion banner, relevant information, reviews from Trustpilot along with the company claims about the pass. Find out more about the New York Pass here.

How to Buy the New York Pass

The instructions in this guide are for purchasing the New York Pass online.

  1. You can select on the homepage if you would like to buy the pass right away (upper right corner at ‘Buy Now’) or if you would like to find out more about the New York Pass you can click ‘How it Works’.
  2. Once you’ve clicked on ‘Buy now’, you will be able to select how many days you would like to use the pass for. If there is a sale active, you will also be able to see the discounted prices. Click the number of days you would like to use the pass for (e.g. this example will use 5 days). Here you will see the selection of adults and children passes. Select the number of passes you would like to purchase. Afterwards, click ‘checkout’.
  3. The next page will be a review of your order. On this page, you have to fill in the date of your visit to New York. Only an estimated start date is required. If you have a promotional code, you can enter it on this page: click on ‘have a redemption code?’ underneath the ‘total to pay’. In this box, you can enter and redeem your promotional / coupon code. Afterwards, click ‘continue to payment’.
  4. This will continue to a page where you have to enter your details. Make sure the box ‘I confirm that I am over 16 years old’ is ticked, otherwise you will not be able to proceed. You can also tick the option to receive additional emails to help you play your trip to New York or to clarify the billing address is different from the shipping address. Below this, you can choose your delivery option (Home Delivery or Mobile App Instant Digital Delivery). The Mobile app is free, whereas postal delivery will have a shipping fee which will later be calculated. Finally, you have to select a payment method and enter your payment details.
  5. Once your payment has been confirmed, this will be shown on the screen. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation email.

View the screenshots of the steps here:

How to Use the Promo Code

Why should you use a promotional code? You’ll be able to get more savings on top of the original discount. When buying the New York Pass, it’s important to know that the promo code is not at the final step of the checkout process online. You will have to fill in the promo code you have, after adding the pass to your cart but before you proceed to payment. When reviewing your order, you’ll see underneath your total to pay: ‘Have a redemption code?’ Click this and you can fill in the promo code in the drop-down menu. This is what this entering a promotional code looks like:

The New York Pass has validity for 24 months so take advantage of the discounts.

How to Use the New York Pass

There are two options: a mobile New York Pass or a printed one. You can choose to download the pass to the New York Pass app, or to print the pass and guidebook at home. A screenshot of the confirmation email can be found below:

Below you can find some of the advantages and disadvantages when using the New York Pass app. Once you’ve received your confirmation email; you can begin to reserve tours. You cannot reserve attractions such as observation decks, cruises or museums in advance. This means you’ll have to physically go to these places to obtain your tickets.

How to Use the App

If you’ve chosen the mobile app option, you’ll have to download the New York Pass app from the online app store. Once downloaded, you can sync your pass with the app by filling in the requested details. In the app you can access information such as attraction descriptions, instructions for how to get there, operation hours, contact details and more. You’ll also have access to useful tourist information and a tool for itinerary planning.

 New York Pass Step by Step App

Using the New York Pass in New York

In most cases it’s easy: simply scan and enter. At the entrance of the attraction, you only have to show the QR code (printed/via the app). It will be scanned and you can enter the attraction. With limited attractions, you’ll be offered a fast track or skip-the-line access. The attractions included in this benefit are The Museum of Modern Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Governors Island (small or large surrey rental). For the Statue of Liberty, you will need to scan your pass for tickets before boarding the boat. It’s worth taking time to read the instructions for the attractions you would like to visit. This means you’ll be less likely to experience problems with the pass while you’re in New York.

Tip: download the free New York Pass PDF guide after purchase to read more about the attractions.

Reserving Tours With the Pass

If you want to book a tour such as a Harlem Gospel Tour or a Central Park Bike Tour, it’s strongly recommended that you book your spot before you get to New York City, as certain tours only have an allocated number of spots for pass holders.

When you reserve a tour, you’ll need to have the order number handy as well as your credit card information. Your card will not be charged unless you do not show up to the tour or if you arrive late and the tour has already departed. If this happens, you will be charged the full retail price. This means you’ll have to pay this charge on top of one of your attractions. It’s important to read the terms and conditions of each provider carefully to avoid potential problems and disappointment.

Harlem Gospel Tour Example Reservation

  1. From the New York Pass site, find the Harlem Gospel Tour by Inside Out Tours via the ‘Attractions’ menu.
  2. Click the link to Inside Out Tours, this will take you to the official website
  3. Click ‘Book now’ on the right side on the home page
  4. Select your desired date and departure time on the calendar
  5. Fill in the number of places you would like to book from the ‘New York Passes’ option.
  6. Enter your pass numbers in the fields provided below (one pass per field).
  7. Below you can fill in any additional comments.
  8. Enter your contact information and credit card details to hold the reservation.
  9. Click ‘Complete your booking, by booking you also agree to the terms of service.

View the screenshots of the steps here:

Below is an example of making a reservation in full:

New York Pass Guide – Booking Harlem Gospel Tour Video